The best international grocery stores in Barcelona

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    Barcelona is an exciting city, and a wonderful place to live: there is seashore and mountain; it is well communicated, there are tons of choices in culture and entertainment; it’s big enough not to ever get bored and small enough not to be exhausting and hostile… But, hey, you’re still allowed to miss home sometimes! As much as we like the place we’re chosen as our home, temporary or permanent, an expat always has two homes: the chosen one and the one they grew up in. So, in order for your chosen home to be even cosier for you, we have prepared an article about the best international grocery stores in Barcelona.


    Spanish cuisine may be delicious, but there’s nothing wrong with searching a taste from home or, why note, some other international experiences other than our own. One of the good parts of the global world is being able to taste and appreciate food from around the world without having to go far away, and the foreign food supermarkets are proof of that.


    We assume you’re excited to learn which are the best international grocery stores in Barcelona, so we won’t keep you waiting.

    International grocery stores in Barcelona

    International Grocery Stores in Barcelona: For the lovers of Asian Cuisine

    A big part of all International Grocery Stores in Barcelona are Asian, and there are several reasons why. First of all, the delicious and varied Asian cuisine, that goes from Japanese to Indian without forgetting Chinese or Thai cuisine, that appeals both to locals and expats; and the second, the large international communities that live nowadays in Barcelona. There are several international supermarkets that we recommend to all, such as the Superstore Asia Food Chinese Supermarket located in carrer Tallers, 27 or the Dong Fang Extremo Oriente supermarket, located in carrer Balmes, 6. Most of the specialties found in these two excellent international grocery stores in Barcelona are Chinese, but you can also find Japanese, Thai and Indonesian Food. Nonetheless, in Barcelona you will find other international supermarkets that specialise in the cuisine for those countries, such as the Barcelona Store Exotic Thai Supermarket (Compte d’Urgell, 24) or the Tokyo-ya Japanese Supermarket (Comte Borrell, 334). If you’re looking for Indian food, you can try El Curry (Carrer Hospital 103) and other shops in that same part of the neighbourhood of El Raval. Next to the Mercat de Sant Antoni you will also find the Cosmo – Cash&Carry, where they sell all sorts of international food but specialise in Asian.

    International grocery store in Barcelona - Gowithoh

    International Grocery Stores in Barcelona: Taste of America

    Expats from the USA can find all their sweet treats in Taste of America: Pop Tarts, Vanilla and Chocolate frosting, cake mix, peanut butter, Reese’s cups, Hershey Chocolate, Quakers… They’re not big in ingredients to cook, but you’ll definitely satisfy some of those sweet cravings that are making you feel so homesick. There are two locations, one in carrer Balmes 332 and another one in carrer Aragó 231.

    International Grocery Stores in Barcelona: Looking for European Delicatessen? Barcelona has them as well

    Sometimes, being close to home can feel as if you were very far… But, if you’re European, you can put an end to that ugly feeling right now. In A Taste of Home, one of the best known international grocery stores in Barcelona, you will find British, German and Dutch products. If you’re from Germany though you’re in luck, because you can find two German supermarkets all around Barcelona, Lidl and Aldi. Italians can go crazy in an apparently little grocery store located in carrer Parlament, 21 that hides tones and tones of Italian delicatessen, from pasta and cheeses to biscuits.

    International Grocery Stores in Barcelona: Big surfaces also have some surprises for you

    Not all international delicatessen are found in small shops around the city, as you can find some international yummy foods in big surfaces. In El Corte Inglés you will find an extensive international section where you can find from South and Central American essentials to Italian cheeses and cold meats to all sorts of Asian specialties. Be careful if you go ‘just to take a look’ because you risk living with several bags of food. The international section isn’t the only danger, as they sell plenty of Spanish and Catalan irresistible delicatessen and ready-made food that looks delicious. We’ve warned you! There are several locations of El Corte Inglés, but you will find the biggest international selection in the won in Plaza Catalunya, 14.


    Another big surface where you can stock up in International cuisine is Ikea, albeit they of course specialise in Swedish food. However, even if you’re not a Swedish expat, who goes to Ikea and doesn’t come back home with at least a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs? There are two Ikeas near Barcelona, one in Hospitalet de Llobregat, in Gran Via, and the other in Badalona’s Polígon Montigalà.


    So, do you agree these are the best international grocery stores in Barcelona? If not, suggestions are more than welcome! Don’t hesitate to tell us which are your favourite ones in the comments!